Behind the Brand - Brand Ambassador: Matt Wilder


Matt Wilder, or as those closest call him, "Muffin Daddy", has been with the company since before it even launched. He is the OG ambassador, being the first ambassador to represent the brand. On top of being a solid ambassador, all of the great artwork you see, from the logo to the labels and everything in between, has been created by Matt. 


"My journey began with an artistic background being my father, my aunts and my older brother. Inspiration came easy in my house because there was always a million things going on to say the least."

 Matt, 29 years old, was born in Yonkers, NY, but moved to Florida in 2005 to pursue a more solid foundation in a better school to further develop his artistic abilities. He attended the Art Institute of Tampa for 4 years, then began working in the design industry. It's at this point his passion for helping people develop their brands really started to grow. When his skills got to such a high place and his clientele had grown drastically, he purchased his own equipment to set out on his own and create his own line of custom apparel. 


"I found my passion, which then evolved into my graphic design career."


After spending years honing his craft and living the life in Florida, he got married to his wife, Tori, in 2012, when they also had their first child. Wanting to provide a better environment for his family, his family moved to Statesville, NC 2 years later where they currently reside with the newest addition, a new son! Moving to another state is a big transition! One thing that was a huge help in his transition was the beard club Matt is a part of, known as the Bearded Villains. Scouted by his current chapter Captain, Joey Brown, he eagerly joined what would later become a huge part of his life in the Bearded Villains. 



"I get to work full time creating the things I love! - The Bearded Villains brotherhood has helped me not only with my transition into fatherhood and into a new state, but has helped shape me into a better man."



Thank you for taking the time to read this short bio of a proud member of our Hound Dog family, Matt Wilder. Matt is a critical part of this organization and we wouldn't be the brand we were without him. We're lucky to have him and we appreciate the support to him as well as the brand! Check out his favorite scent of beard product, American DreamsicleBe sure to use his discount code SUPERVILLAINDAD to save 15% off of your next order at


"Creating the brand for Hound Dog Men's Grooming Co. is not only a privilege, but a true honor to get to work next to one of the best men I have ever gotten to know! Thank you for taking the time to read this short synopsis of the tip of the iceberg that is my life! The Hound Dog team appreciates each and every one of it's supporters!"


Be sure and give Matt a follow on Instagram! Follow him @supervillaindad



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  • Thanks for sharing, I met Matt in 2015 and within a few minutes knew that he was passionate, and focused! Not only is he a great father, friend, role model, but he is an amazing designer/artist. This brand is very fortunate to have him on the team ?

    Dale Blankenship

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