Father's Day Gift Guide: 25 items to get For dad in 2017!

Father's Day is quickly approaching! Don't let this be another year to slip by snagging that gift card at the last minute or throwing pops a couple of beers and thinking that's good enough. Here's a list of 25 items, no matter what kind of dad you have, you'll be sure to find something suiting below!


The Dapper Dad

For whatever reason it may be, your dad likes to look his best at all times! Help him out with the following products:



1. Hound Dog Men's Grooming Co. Beard Oil and Balm - Help dad keep his manly mane healthy and looking its best with this beard oil and balm combo. Get it in American Dreamsicle, Backseat Boogie or Rootbeer Float!


2. SprezzaBox Subscription - Hook dad up with the best monthly subscription box on the market, SprezzaBox! For a monthly fee he'll get access to the freshest ties, socks, pocket squares and all the other best accessories you can find.


3. Hound Dog Men's Grooming Co. Pomade - Dad uses pomade to get his hair where it needs to be for the day? Check out this pomade, made with the finest ingredients in an either medium or heavy hold to cater to whatever type of hair your dad may have! Plus, it comes in an irresistible orange/coconut scent that both your dad AND mom will love!


4. Men's Wood Charging Station and Valet - For any kind of dad, convenience is key. Starting your day organized is a key to success. Help dad do just that with this valet that holds all of his accessories and even charges his electronics at the same time!


The Beer Connoisseur:

Does your dad still down more brews than your college roommate did? Encourage his love for craft beer with the following gift ideas:



 5. Home Brewing Kit - Can you beat buying your dad a beer? The answer is yes, absolutely! Find out his favorite kind of beer and you can pick up a home brewing kit that fits whatever his favorite style is whether its IPA, porters or how about a Southern Bourbon Stout? Whatever his favorite, you can help him make his own!


6. Home Brew Journal - So beer is more complex than you might think. If Dad is going to be brewing his own beer, a home brew journal is a definite must! With this journal he'll be able to track all of his home brews, nix any he's not a fan of and replicate his favorites!


7. Beer Zombie Glassware - Proper glassware is a MUST in craft beer! Don't know what kind of glass to get? Might I suggest the Beer Zombies Tulip Glass and their Craft Can glass to cover all of his glassware needs!


The Liquor Man:

Maybe your dad isn't a fan of beer, nothing wrong with that! There's a drink of choice for everyone! Hook dad up with one of the below:



8. Personalized Whiskey Barrel - Not only does this barrel look awesome, but it also helps age your whiskey to peak perfection!


9. Whiskey and Rum Making Kit - In the same spirit of the beer home brewing kits, what better way to enjoy whiskey or rum than having made it yourself? Set dad up with one of these whiskey and rum making kits!


The Coffee-aholic:

I can't really think of a Dad out there that doesn't HIGHLY depend on coffee, so why not do Dad's coffee stash up right??



10. Bourbon Infused Coffee - So, I can't really say how awesome this idea is. Bourbon infused coffee? I mean come on! What dad wouldn't love that?! Plus, Fire Dept. Coffee is proudly owned by firemen, so its a company you can get behind for numerous reasons.


 11. Coffee Grinder - When you get fresh coffee, you have to grind the beans. The best way to do this to guarantee freshness for the longest time is to do it yourself! Don't get Dad some generic grinder, hook him up with this steampunk coffee grinder instead!


12. 30oz Yeti Tumbler - No one wants to drink cold coffee, that's just wrong. Make sure Dad's hot coffee stays as hot as the moment it was brewed with this Yeti tumbler, OR keep his iced coffee cold.


The Cigar Aficionado:

Plenty of men enjoy a good stogie. No, that doesn't mean run to Walmart and pick up a pack of Swisher Sweets! Invest into a good cigar for your old man!



13. Personalized Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor - Cigars aren't like cigarettes, you can't just throw them in your pocket and call it a day. They need appropriate storage! This is crucial to cigars. Make sure Dad's cigars stay in tip top condition with this sweet humidor!


14. Camacho Bold Anytime Gordo Assortment - Now that you've picked out a killer humidor, you need something to go in them, right? Look no farther than this assortment from Camacho! One of the best selling cigar brands on the market right now, Dad will be sure to love this assortment!


15. JR Cigars Gift Card - Now, I wouldn't typically suggest any kind of gift card, BUT, cigars are just like beer in the sense of they vary so greatly. Everyone has their own taste. What could go better with receiving a Camacho assortment than giving dad the ability to pick out his own cigars with this gift card either online or at one of their many locations?


The Fit Dad:

Dad got biceps bigger than you? You can ignore them and deny the perfect gift for Dad, or give him the gift he'll actually enjoy!



16. FitBit Blaze Smart Watch - For a watch, is there anything the FitBit Blaze can't do? Track your workouts, read your heart rate, map your run routes with GPS, track your calories burned and so much more! You can't go wrong with this watch!


17. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells - A quick bicep pump is never a bad thing, right? Whether its for the extra arm pumps before his company pool party or he makes it his immediate go to for his arm workouts, you can't beat these adjustable dumbbells!


 18. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones - When Dad is at the gym, wires just get in the way. Whether he's a weightlifter or cardio freak, wires are just bad. So hook him up with a pair of these wireless headphones!


The Tech Savvy Dad:

We're in an endless age of ever evolving technology. Maybe Dad is a super geek, a traveling man or just likes to keep up with the times. No matter the case, he needs the latest in technology!

19. Karma Go - The search for Wi-Fi can be a never ending battle, am I right? What happens if there's not a Starbucks or McDonalds around and you NEED Wi-Fi? Guess you're SOL my friend! But not with Karma Go! Get a Nationwide pay as you go 4G LTE mobile hotspot!


20. Mophie Juice Pack Wireless Charge Pack - Sometimes phone batteries just don't last long enough. Its a simple fact. Don't let Dad's phone die! Make sure his phone stays charged with this wireless charge pack from Mophie!


21. Tile Mate - So losing things is kind of inevitable. Dad lose things a lot? Keys? Wallet? Anything? Check out Tile Mate! Attach the Tile Mate to whatever you'd like and use your phone to track whatever its attached to! Makes losing things ALMOST impossible!


The Retiree/Traveling Man:

Whether your father is retired and likes to use his new found time to travel, or just likes to travel, this is the category you'll find what your dads looking for in!



22. Modern World Push Pin Travel Map - I can't think of a much cooler way to keep track of your travels than a big travel map! Whatever his reason for traveling, help Dad keep track of where he's been and where he wants to go with this map!


23. Ancestry.com Membership - When I was a teenager, one of the neighbors we had retired. When he retired, he spent the bulk of his time tracking all of his ancestry. He started with an Ancestry membership and went on to travel all over tracking his family's history and was so happy doing so! Set Dad up with a membership of his own and help him start finding your family's history!


24. Family Tree Book - Now that Dad has started tracking your family's history, he's going to need something to keep track of all he's finding in his research! This family tree book will do just the trick!


25. My Life Story So Far - Your family history is something to cherish! What were the early years of your Dad's childhood like? What can you learn from his relationships, friendships, his first job and everything else he's experienced in his life? Get him this journal to record all of his life's experiences! Well, what he can remember anyways!



Well folks, there you have it! You're officially saved from having to buy your Dad another Amazon gift card or his favorite peanut brittle! You've got 25 surefire options above. What are you getting pops this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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