Behind the Brand: The Owner: Joey Brown

Hi, my name is Joey Brown and I'm the owner of Hound Dog Men's Grooming Co.


This brand about far more than just selling men's grooming products. I want to build something that not only provides the best products a man can buy, but something that makes a direct impact on the community, both local and not. I want to build a brand that changes the perception of various categories of men - Because guess what, a bearded man is no longer an outlaw, a member of the local motorcycle club, criminal or even just a generally bad guy. Bearded men are also valued members of the community. Or how about the men that take their time getting ready in the morning to look their best? That's not the feminine way, that means you care about your appearance. It's 2017, be it fortunate or not, the state of mind of most is that appearance is vital in day to day life.


"Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success." - Christopher Lasch


While I kind of jumped off of my "intro", it is important for my mission of this brand to be clear. This is about more than myself or sales.


I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. At a very young age I was exposed to home remedies, homemade hygiene products and so on. My father being a certified herbologist, my mother being an avid essential oil practitioner. Since the moment I began growing "peach fuzz" of facial hair, I wanted a full beard. Them being the experts, they began helping me at an early age learn the ins and outs of all that could possibly go into beard care. I learned so much from them and then continued to always be continuing my own research. So while the brand just launched on May 1, 2017 - You can always remain confident that YEARS of research, testing and trial and error has went into ALL of our products. I wouldn't put my name next to anything less than what I felt was the best.


My name is Joey Brown, you can find me personally on Instagram at @joeybrown704 and I look forward to serving our communities together and caring for all of your grooming needs.


  • Great Job Joey! Love that dreamsicle!

  • Awesome read man! The best, and only oil that goes in my beard!!!!!!!


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