Behind The Brand - Brand Ambassador: Dale Blankenship

Beard brand ambassador - Dale Blankenship AKA Gandalf

Dale Blankenship, AKA Gandalf (an earned nickname due to that majestic white mane) is one of the first to represent Team Hound Dog. If you don't know Dale directly, you can thank him for coming up with the name for the scent "Backseat Boogie". 


Brand ambassador Dale Blankenship with his familyBrand ambassador with backseat boogie beard oil


Dale, 41 years old, is married with a daughter who is a senior in high school and a very active volleyball player. Dale actively attends, travels for and helps out at all of her sporting events. For a career, Dale is a teacher's assistant in a wood shop class as well as a driver's ed teacher. Being around and helping the youth is important to Dale to make a difference and help keep him young, which he's pretty good at. When he has time to enjoy his hobbies, you'll catch him on the beach with a nice cigar and a solid craft beer.





"I began talking to barbers and doing some research on how to get my beard healthier. I began to order beard oil from a few different companies and didn't notice a change in my beard! When I had the chance to try HDMGC I began to see a change in how my beard looked and I noticed it felt healthier!"




With a beard as majestic as Dale's you can't afford to use less than top notch quality products! Spending the majority of his life with a beard, he's tried products from just about every company on the market. When he first tried our products, he was very clear on the fact that he'd provide brutally honest feedback. Turned out, he fell in love with the product. 



"This was the first time that I noticed my beard hair was actually soft and not dry and brittle. As time went on while using HDMGC beard oil and balm, I noticed fewer fallouts during the day and while brushing my beard." 






Everywhere he goes, Dale loves talking to people, especially about beards. If you have a beard and stumble across Dale, chances are, you'll learn a TON of how to take care of your beard and learn a lot about our products as well. He's just that passionate about beards and how to properly take care of them! Being a seasoned beardsman, Dale is an active member and Sergeant of the Queen City Villains, the Charlotte, NC chapter of a beard club known as the Bearded Villains. Dale has over the course of about 2 years, helped contribute to growing the group, raise a lot of money for charity and put in hours and hours of manual labor to help the Charlotte community.






"I've always said, if you're going to have a beard, why not take care of it the RIGHT way? Men spend money on cologne, hair spray, watches, clothes, etc... Why not spend money on having a healthy beard? Your wife or significant other will be happier with a healthy beard!!"



Beard brand ambassador Dale Blankenship AKA Gandalf with Backseat Boogie beard oil



Thank you for taking the time to read this short bio of a proud member of our Hound Dog family, Dale Blankenship. Dale is a critical part of this organization and we wouldn't be the brand we are without him. We're lucky to have him and we appreciate the support to him as well as the brand! Check out his favorite scent of beard product, Backseat Boogie and be sure to use his discount code DRIVERMAN75 to save 15% off of your order!




Be sure to follow Dale on Instagram at @driverman75


  • Loving the beard game, old friend. Keep it up.

    Trevor Brown
  • Fear the beard. Looking more like Gabby Johnson everyday. Revernt!

    Steve Tedder
  • Thats my brother! Great read and keep up the great work Dale! Love my Hound Dog family!

    Matt Wilder

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